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“We have more than 100 stores and need to review their cost-efficiency. I know of no solution that could perform this efficiently.”

Analyzing cost-efficiency is no problem for us!

There is untapped potential hidden in the majority of company data. Have you ever thought how good it would be to have an objective, real-time view of the performance of your network of stores? Using internal and external data, we can identify the stores that operate efficiently, and also determine the sales potential of each store.  We can provide a visual solution for decisions that are customizable and use machine-learning techniques. With our help, you will have every opportunity, based on data, to determine the annual sales targets of your enterprise and effectively operate your retail network.


#retail #telco #finance #insurance #tourism

“How can I know where to open a new store?”

The data scientists can help!

Purely based on data, we can very efficiently determine where it is worth opening a new store. In order to do so we use the location of other stores and their characteristics, internal and external data sources and, additionally, derived data from the analysis of your retail network. Data compiled this way may be used for further purposes and analyses within the enterprise.


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“How can we determine the price of a new product we are introducing?”

We can determine the prices for you!

Be it a room for rent or an occasional service, with the help of machine-learning techniques, we can tell you what price it should be marketed at. Our customized pricing solution is able to dynamically determine prices tailored to the customer. Integrating it to your own systems, you can easily build it into your sales processes.


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“Does anybody really know which clients will be the most valuable?”

We do!

Are you curious to know the potential of your clients, but don’t know how to assess it? We will help! Our data scientists can tell you, with a high degree of certainty, which of your clients are more valuable than others, and what value they could represent for you. Based on our solution, you will be able to easily decide which clients are worth focusing on. Additionally, it can be easily integrated into your business processes to maximize operational efficiency.


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“Every customer is different. Who knows which product each client will need?”

Our personal product recommendation tool is here to help!

Based on previous inquiries and sales, we can tell you which products are interesting for your clients, and which products they would be more likely to purchase. Combined with our price-calculation-solution, not only the product, but also a suitable price, can be easily determined.



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