3 out of 10 businesses are not operating effectively – here’s how to fix it

In the recent years, retail networks have faced unprecedented challenges that demand quick response in an unstable environment. In an era of fast-paced decision-making, impulsive decisions can lead to significant risks. By taking advantage of enhanced data utilization, precise projections, and agile decision-making tools, these risks can be averted, and operational efficiency can be elevated to new heights.

Data-driven decision-making is essential for large-scale commercial networks where a rapid, professionally informed competitive market response that creates real business value is key to efficient operations. Our RETAIL EFFICIENCY SOLUTION uses innovative Machine Learning technology to improve the efficiency of a network of thousands of entities.

The optimization model, complemented by a management and operational dashboard, allows business users to continuously monitor results and identify intervention points.


  • Achieving optimal staff allocation
  • Ensuring an efficient and flexible operating environment
  • Unified management of an inhomogeneous network
  • Unmanageable, uncontrolled costs
  • Untapped sales potential
  • Opaque and untraceable processes


  • Data-driven machine learning model
  • Interactive management and operational dashboard
  • Customizable solution that considers custom factors
  • Allocation process becoming objective and measurable
  • Identifying potential intervention points
  • Continuous monitoring


  • The optimal operating level is established
  • Immediate rationalization of the result
  • Optimum operation becomes sustainable in the long term
  • Operational cost savings of up to 15%
  • Identification of additional 10-20% sales potential
  • ROI of 1.5-2 within a year

Study: 6 frequent mistakes that lead to the failure of an AI implementation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an inevitable technology in many parts of the world, widely used by companies in numerous sectors. To name just a few examples, it is used for business value creation, decision preparation, manufacturing support, or even to enhance the user experience. Companies can benefit greatly from AI technology, but careful planning is crucial to avoid pitfalls during implementation.

We have prepared a study that may be of help to you! Are you interested in starting an AI project and ensuring its success? We have compiled our market experience with international researches on the common challenges that AI projects face, and how you can avoid them to make your project a success.

We’ll send you the exact recipe for a successful AI project in a reply letter after you filled your contact details. If you have any questions or comments, let’s talk!