Real Time Location Detection
and Monitoring System (RTLS)

Real Time Location System (RTLS) enables customers to follow the physical position of goods, machines, vehicles, people, indoor and outdoor. Statuses, positions are represented on a searchable real time dashboard.

Our end-to-end solution allows real-time registering and processing of position information of goods (stock item), heavy machinery (assembly line), vehicles (forklift) or people (doctor, patient). Our architecture enables real time data visualization, as well as batch data processing with machine learning algorithms.

We use the unique SUNSTONE real-time localization system based on UWB (ultra-In our solution the unique SUNSTONE real-time localization system based on ultra-wide band (UWB) radio frequency is used that enables to track devices indoor with high (10-50 cm/4-20 inch) precision. Other radiofrequency localization technologies, such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth work with significantly lower precision, which does not allow exact position detection required in many cases, for example precisely identifying positions of goods in a large warehouse or in a factory.

The infrastructure consists of three main elements

Tag is a small (3x3x2cm) battery-powered element, which needs to be attached to the item to be tracked.

Anchor is a wall unit performing the measurements. At least 4 anchors needed for one zone.

Central Unit manages the Anchors, calculates positions and makes the data available online.


  • precision ~10 cm,
  • processing in 0,05 seconds,
  • range 100m ~ 2000m² per zone, hundreds of tags.
More info

The SUNSTONE RTLS is provided by OMTLab (Hungary) Ltd.

Data Processing

Data processing and storing are performed on a big data architecture.
Our architecture consists of two data processing layers:

Speed Layer is able to capture all sensor data in real time. Our solution ensures scalability and secures that no data can be lost, while the necessary transformations and data enrichment is done in real time. Processed information is stored in a way, which is efficient in case of real time dashboarding. Speed layer collects all available information, but it is designed to process only those, which are really needed to be displayed in real time. The rest is transferred to the batch layer.

Batch Layer is able to receive data from traditional sources via scheduled batch jobs or to stream data from the speed layer for storing data for long term. The information is stored in Impala tables, which is transformed, aggregated and enriched here. Batch layer is also the place for advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.

United Consult’s solution is able to provide browser-based, real time dashboards with open source technologies representing the actual position of hundreds of tags. The pre-aggregated and structured data can be further analysed with any modern, self-service BI tool. Event-based raw data or pre-processed data can be exported for various reasons, for example establishing alerting functionality.

Due to Cloudera features, storage capability and processing performance can be elastically scalable and works with cloud, on-premise or hybrid environments.


  • real-time data processing,
  • real-time data visualization,
  • elastic scalability,
  • standard processes and data model.

Other Utilization

Smart tags are not only able to propagate their positions, but also to measure several elements, which makes them full-scale IoT devices. They can measure for instance:

Positive Business Outcomes

RTLS can be utilized for various use cases, for example

quickly find an item in a warehouse / doctor in a hospital

analyze and optimize forklift routes

detect movement anomalies (too long route, too long idle time)

alert when valuable asset reaches safety zone perimeter

analyze production speed

identify and understand bottlenecks in the supply chain

ability to driving style analysis

support predictive maintenance

visual analysis of player movements (heatmap)

Required Capabilities

The required customer capabilities are strongly depend on the specific project. We only assume that our customer has assets to locate or measure. We can build up the end-to-end solution from here, but we are also flexible to utilize the existing architecture as well.

Metrics and Proof Points

With the given architecture we are able to load 500+ tags’ actual position within a fraction of a second even on a low end hardware. Millions of records are loaded daily and the dashboard refreshes in every second.

Why us?

  • Unlike GPS (and other positioning methods), our proprietary positioning solution works indoor with significantly better precision. 10 cm accuracy enables many use cases which would not be possible earlier.
  • Cloudera big data cluster enables a cost efficient, real-time data streaming with elastic scalability supporting cloud, on-premise or hybrid implementations.
  • Secure solution with key-based authentication.
  • Open-source elements make our solution cost efficient.
  • 20 years of data warehousing experience and our predefined big data standards make United Consult a robust and reliable partner.



Budapest, Hungary

1117 Budapest, Dombóvári út 26.

+36 1 791 2227


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